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"Tupaq loves movies and music and comics and painting and comedy and design and photographs. Half Peruvian, half British, he's been a professional film editor for over 10 years. 

During his career as an editor he's cut adverts, documentaries and feature films. Understanding forms and mastering styles to get the most from every production. He's had the privilege to work on brands as diverse as Nike, Apple, Rolls Royce, Disney, Vogue, Tetrapak, UEFA, Shell, Amazon, Rolex and Jaguar.

In 2017 Tupaq edited and directed his debut feature-film. TIDES had it's premiere at the BFI London Film Festival. It was released in UK cinemas by AX1 Entertainment in late 2018 to critical acclaim. It is currently available on multiple platforms. Tupaq recently got married and welcomed a beautiful baby daughter into the world. They live happily in South London."